Eric Bisson


Eric lives on an acreage in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta, with his wife Heather, and children; Dylan, Julia, and Kirsten. Growing up in the heart of Alberta’s ranch country Eric, had many opportunities to hunt and shoot. Eric started Competitive shoo ng at the age of 15, and has earned spots on the Canadian Junior and Senior National teams and a spot on the Olympic training team in his youth.

After taking a break to build a career and start a family Eric returned to long range shooting in 2008. Eric has had many successes since coming back to shooting sports. The highest privilege was to be appointed the 2017 Canadian F-Class Team Captain to represent Canada in the Worlds. Eric has worked

Tirelessly with his Team Canada Coaches and team member to put together a true championship team. As we finish the final preparation for the 2017 Worlds, we look back on 4 years of intense preparation and training. Each Team member brings with them something special, something that is distinctly Canadian, and worthy of a Canadian Championship team.


Adrian Robertson

F-Open Adjutant

Adrian grew up in Beautiful British Columbia where he shot small bore prone and three positions shoo ng as a youth. In his 20’s Adrian moved to Manitoba and made it his new home. He married his high school Sweetheart Kelly, and started a family: blessed with two sons, Christopher and Benjamin. Years later after his duties to career and family were largely completed, Adrian returned to his passions as a competition shooter. The world had changed in the past 27 years, but then so had Adrian. What had not changed was his passion for competition, his love of well-made and accurate rifles, and his keen sense of the mental game. Adrian quickly found F- Class and like every man that wants to win jumped right in. Since finding F-Class Adrian rarely misses an opportunity to perfect the craft. Whether it be, the alchemy of the reloading bench, the rigors of load development, or learning the subtle nuances of romancing the wind, it captures Adrian’s imagination. Adrian has been blessed by the generous coaches and fellow shooters that have given of themselves and their knowledge to help him develop. Adrian is delighted by the privilege to serve Team Canada as Adjutant, and grateful to his family and friends for their support.

Gordon Ogg

F-Open Head Coach

During his early years, Gord had spent sometime with small arms but chose to put them away to pursue a career and business opportunities. After a number of successful years in business and some interesting adventures, health issues caused an unplanned and unwanted “early retirement”.

To combat the frustration and medical issues, he returned to the “shooting sports” as a type of physiotherapy. In 2004 he began to compete at local matches in short range prone and Benchrest group and score shooting. Encouraged by a local club shooter, he began to shoot F Class in 2005 at the Provincial Annual Matches and was immediately addicted. He enjoys building and experimenting with F Open type rifles.

As always, he looks forward to making new friends from around the competitive shooting world.

Some of his F Class achievements to date include:

  • 2008 | Ontario Provincial F Open Champion and Lt Governor’s Match Winner
  • 2009 | Sierra National F Class Open Long Range Champion
  • 2009 | Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championship (CFRC Nationals) F Open Grand
  • 2009 | Agg (Crone Trophy) Winner and Canadian National F Open Champion
  • 2009 | Canadian F Class (Open) Championship (Bisley) Winner
  • 2010 | Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championship (CFRC Nationals) F Open Grand
  • 2010 | Agg (Crone Trophy) Winner and Canadian National F Open Champion
  • 2010 | Sierra National F Class Open Long Range Champion
  • 2011 | Sierra National F Class Open Long Range Champion
  • 2012 | Member of Team Canada F Class, Americas Match
  • 2013 | Eastern Regional F Open Champion
  • 2013 | Armorer, Line Captain and Coach, Team Canada at Raton for the US F Class Nationals and World’s Championships.
  • Achieved NRA High Master F Open Long Range Classification
  • 2014 | Eastern Regional F Open Champion
  • Holder of a number of Canadian match records.

Richard Dreger


Richard hails from the “Home of F-Class” in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. His shooting passion started in 2007 shooting local matches and quickly moved on to Provincial, Inter-Provincial and International matches. It was at the BC Provincial Championship Team Matches in 2008- 2010 that Richard got hooked on Coaching and Team shooting helping coach the “KTSA BullzHitters” to 3 straight victories in those years. Since that me he has been a coach for the Western Canada team known as “The Rudders” and has coached the team to wins in 3 of the last 5 Western Canada F-Class Championship Team events. Richard was also part of Canada’s first ever F- Class Open team at a World event in Raton, NM in 2013 as one of the line coaches. Ottawa will be Richard’s 2nd ever World F-Class Championship and is looking forward to bringing home the Gold for Team Canada. When he is not busy shooting, Richard is an avid hunter and also enjoys camping, boating, skiing, travelling with his wife Colleen and spending me with his 3 year old grandson, Logan.

Jonathan Laitre


Growing up, Jonathan was involved in all sports like, hockey, football, golf, tennis, all at a competitive level in mind. Then in 2009, he discovered F-Class shooting, a passion was born right away as he fell in love with his 308win cartridge and the challenge to make it shoot 900m.

Is first year as a shooter was one of education. Learning how to reload and develop the full potential of the cartridge was definitely his main interest.

This mechanical designer is always looking for a challenge and will for sure find one in coaching the F-Open Team at the 2017 F-Class World Championship.