Eric Bisson


Eric lives on an acreage in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta, with his wife Heather, and children; Dylan, Julia, and Kirsten. Growing up in the heart of Alberta’s ranch country Eric, had many opportunities to hunt and shoot. Eric started Competitive shooting at the age of 15, and has earned spots on the Canadian Junior and Senior National teams and a spot on the Olympic training team in his youth.

After taking a break to build a career and start a family Eric returned to long range shooting in 2008. Eric has had many successes since coming back to shooting sports. The highest privilege was to be appointed the 2017 Canadian F-Class Team Captain to represent Canada in the Worlds. Eric has worked

Tirelessly with his Team Canada Coaches and team member to put together a true championship team. As we finish the final preparation for the 2017 Worlds, we look back on 4 years of intense preparation and training. Each Team member brings with them something special, something that is distinctly Canadian, and worthy of a Canadian Championship team.


Jim Farrell


Jim grew up in Montreal, where at a very young age went hunting with his father. From that day on, he was hooked on both small and large game, and continues to hunt today.

In his late teens, Jim moved to Toronto, where he later joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. From the outset, his skills with firearms won him many shooting awards. As a result, he was asked to join the Emergency Task Force, Toronto’s elite tactical team.

After extensive training, and several years of experience, Jim was trained as a sniper. He attended numerous courses put on by the Canadian military as well as the Ontario Provincial Police.

In 1984, as a result of Jim’s expertise in tactics and marksmanship, he was selected as a member of a six-man team to be bodyguards, and provide motorcade security for both Queen Elizabeth II and His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

In 1986, Jim accepted a position with the Barrie Police Service. While there, Jim grew through the ranks at attaining the rank of Inspector. His love for firearms and tactics landed him a position as commander of the Barrie tactical team. He trained with the team extensively.

Jim retired in 2012, and decided to get back into long range shooting. In 2013 with his newly built .284 Winchester, he participated in and won many matches with the Ontario Rifle Association.

Bruce Condie


Bruce grew up in a small town in the Ottawa Valley about half way between Ottawa and North Bay. The town was surrounded by bush so it was only natural that outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing were a great part of his leisure activities. When in High School, Bruce joined the Lanark and Renfrew Scotish Regiment. A lot of me was spent on the various ranges at Base Petawawa and once a year at CFB Connaught. The accommodations then were much more primitive than they are today. After High School Bruce was hired by Ontario Hydro to work in the nuclear field. In 1977 Bruce was transferred to Kincardine were he still resides. Bruce and his wife Liz have two sons Glen and Adam, two grandsons Dakota and Mason and two granddaughters Zoe and Natasha. The outdoor traditions continue with Bruce, Glen, Adam and his wife and now Dakota spending me together hunting. In 2004 Bruce started shooting in the Ontario Rifle Association with a factory Savage. This was a lot of fun but it was hard to get good results shooting against custom built rifles. In 2007 the rifle he currently uses was built. Bruce has travelled all over North America shooting. This includes US F Class Nationals, the Canadian Championships, several Western F Class championships and all of the Eastern F Class championships. The highlights have been taking part in the 2009 and 2013 World Championships.

Barry Price


Barry Price resides and works in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He is the Vice President of Operations for the Electrical firm “Continental-Price Electrical Contractors Inc.”Barry has been target shooting for 10 years now and competitively shooting in the Open division for 9 years. His home club is the National Capital Regional Rifle Association (NCRRA) shooting at the Connaught Primary training facility in Ottawa, Canada.

Barry has been target shooting for 10 years now and competitively shooting in the Open division for 9 years. His home club is the National Capital Regional Rifle Association (NCRRA) shooting at the Connaught Primary training facility in Ottawa, Canada.

He is presently the F-class activity captain for his club and has been the primary organizer for the Eastern Regional F-Class Championships. Barry’s loves spending as much time with his daughter Kylie as he can and his past times are Hunting/fishing and his Harley motor cycle.

Cal Waldner


Cal grew up on a large family farm in southwestern Manitoba. Hunting and shooting have been part of Cal’s life from a very young age as he spent numerous Sunday afternoons doing predator control and varmints shooting. Cal was introduced to F-Class shooing in 2012 and it has since become a passion in his life. Cal has been competing as an F-Class shooter at the club, provincial and national level. He is a member of Dominion of Canada Rife Association and sits on the board of Saskatchewan Rifle Association. As an F- Open shooter, Cal is a two-time winner of the Provincial Championship, two-time winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s Prize and a winner of the F-Open Shooter of the Year award from the Saskatchewan Rifle Association for the past three years.

Cal lives in White City, SK with his wife Katrina and their three children: Christina, Jonathan and Isabella. When he isn’t away working as a consultant in the drilling industry he can be found at home spending time with his family. Cal loves outdoors and enjoys his summers camping with family and friends and partaking in numerous F-class matches across Canada.

Dennis Lair


Dennis grew up in rural Saskatchewan where he spent many seasons hunting moose, white tail and mule deer with his Dad. A passion for long range shooting directed him to trying F-class competition and further his gunsmithing passion. Dennis now resides in Star City with his wife Stacy, son Easton and daughter Bryce. Dennis is the owner of Go Ballistic Gunsmithing Ltd.

Brian B Sztym


Brian grew up on a mixed cattle farm in West Central Alberta where he spent many hours in the pursuit of deer, gophers and other varmints, as well as learning how to hunt from his father. After completing the Chemical Technology program at NAIT, Brian found work in the oil and gas industry which led me to Athabasca, Alberta. It was there that he changed careers and started a construction company and still resides there with his fiancée Lorelei, his daughters Anita and Meagan, and Lorelei’s children Mckenna and Celty. Brian sets me when possible to enjoy teaching his daughters how to shoot and hunt. Brian has been competing as an F class shooter since October 2013 at the Club, Provincial and National and International level. Brian is a member of the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. As an F Open shooter Brian has won the Alberta F Class Provincial Championships and the Lieutenant Governor’s Medallion.

Ken Thiessen


Like many kids that grew up on the farm Ken always had a rifle in his hands, so it is no surprise that he grew up to be so involved in the shooting sports. Ken is an avid hunter and competitive shooter in various disciplines, he has been working in the firearms industry since 2012 but was introduced to long range shooting in 2008 and has been hooked ever since.

In this short me he have been very competitive in the Precision Rifle discipline on the provincial, national and international level and has taken this success with him over in to F Class. Ken is honored to be part of the Canadian F Class rifle team to compete in the 2017 World F Class Championships.

Mark Thibault


Marc lives in Kamloops B.C., having moved there from his hometown in Quebec at the age of 21. Surrounded by the beauty and weather of the Thompson Okanagon valley he choose to make Kamloops his home. He is married to his beautiful wife Donna, of 30 years, and has two children. Involved in many outdoor activities since his arrival to B.C., he did not take up target sports till 2007. Since then has graduated from short range F-Class on his local and provincial ranges to long range provincial, national and international competitions. A few of his many accomplishments are as follows: 2 time Western Canadian F-Class Champion, B. C. Provincial Champion, Alberta Provincial Champion, Saskatchewan Drillers Match Champion, APRA MacDonald Stewart Champion 2011, 2012, APRA John Howard Champion 2009, 2011, 2014, Pacific Northwest International Champion 2012 and 5th Place in the Canadian National Championships 2014. Marc has also been on several Team Championships and is very much looking forward to the Team Events at the 2017 Worlds.

Greg DeLeenheer


Greg DeLeenheer was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley (Vernon BC). Greg enjoys hunting, fishing, fly-tying, flying and F-Class shooting. He has his commercial pilot’s license and has spent many hours flying his Piper Cub float plane. He also enjoys gun smithing and building his own rifles. Greg worked 31 years with Tolko industries as a planer-man millwright tradesman. Greg has been married for 22 years and has a 19-year-old son, Bronsen.

Greg started shooting with his father and grandfather in local turkey shoots approximately 40 years ago. And since then he has competed both locally and provincially, and he is very excited about shooting internationally.

Coty R. Pranke


Coty grew up on a mixed cattle & grain farm in South-eastern Saskatchewan where he just recently graduated and received his High School Diploma. Following graduation Coty plans to pursue an education in Electrical and Instrumentation. Coty’s interests are hunting, fishing and farming. Since 2013, Coty has been competing as an F-Class shooter at the Provincial and National levels when first getting his start at the NorthStar range near Nokomis, Sask. Coty is a member of the Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. As an FO shooter, Coty is a two-time winner of the Western Canada Junior F-Class Championships as well as part of the Canadian National Men’s team that won the 2015 F-Class National Championship International Team Match. Coty has been a member of the Canadian F-Class RifleTeam since 2015 and looks forward to many years of competitive shooting.

Ralph Colgan


from Saint-Odilon de Crancourne in the province of Quebec. His passion for hunting and rifles started in his early childhood around the age of 20 when he purchased a benchrest shooting rifle. The majority of his me was spent at the shooting range where he discovered that long range shooting was a real challenge for him and motivated him to continue in this discipline.

Constantly looking for new experience, he started to participate in several regional, provincial and Canadian competitions. The abilities acquired over me allowed him to distinguish among the best. In result, this gave him the chance to work with hunters and rifles shooters, he then decides to become a gunsmith.

Fifteen years ago, he decides to buy some machining equipment to build some competition rifles and he started his own company which is RC Precision. His company allows him to make custom rifles according to customers’ requirements.

For the past 2 years he has been working for a Canadian company “Fierce Fire Arms Canada” in Disraeli which is in the province of Quebec. This job allows him to exploit his full potential by building high range rifles which are sold worldwide.

In the last ten years, he won many long range shooting competitions from Provincial to Canadian level, and finally made him the best Canadian rifle shooter of 2016. As a Canadian, he is proud to represent his country!!