Eric Bisson


Eric lives on an acreage in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta, with his wife Heather, and children; Dylan, Julia, and Kirsten. Growing up in the heart of Alberta’s ranch country Eric, had many opportunities to hunt and shoot. Eric started Competitive shoo ng at the age of 15, and has earned spots on the Canadian Junior and Senior National teams and a spot on the Olympic training team in his youth.

After taking a break to build a career and start a family Eric returned to long range shooting in 2008. Eric has had many successes since coming back to shooting sports. The highest privilege was to be appointed the 2017 Canadian F-Class Team Captain to represent Canada in the Worlds. Eric has worked

Tirelessly with his Team Canada Coaches and team member to put together a true championship team. As we finish the final preparation for the 2017 Worlds, we look back on 4 years of intense preparation and training. Each Team member brings with them something special, something that is distinctly Canadian, and worthy of a Canadian Championship team.

FTR Adjutant & Coaches

Brian L.J. Mylleville, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Adjutant (FTR)

Brian grew up on a tobacco farm in Southwestern Ontario where he spent many hours in pursuit of small game and varmints. Following graduation from the University of Western Ontario in 1991, his career in geotechnical engineering took him to British Columbia. Brian resides in Chilliwack, BC with his wife, Egles and sons, Matthew and Noah. Each fall, Brian sets aside me from his busy schedule to hunt, a pastime that he now enjoys with his sons. Since 2008, Brian has been competing as an F-Class shooter at the Club, Provincial, National and International levels. He is a life member of the Mission & District Rod & Gun Club, member of the Dominion of Canada Rife Association and Vice-President of the British Columbia Rifle Association. As an FTR shooter, Brian is a three- me winner of the British Columbia Sierra ISSF Provincial Championships, two- me winner of the BCRA FTR Provincial Championships and two-time winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s Prize at the British Columbia Provincial F-Class Championships. He is a returning member from the Canadian F-Class FTR Team that won Silver at the 2013 F- Class World Championships.

Don F. Hall

Senior Advisor and Coach

My philosophy of life includes three priorities, family, work, and recreational pursuits of a “do it now” nature. Shooting sports has always been part of our family life along with astronomy, hunting, fishing, horses, and cars (Mustangs that is).

As a competitor – I fired my first shot at a target in 1944 as part of the war time school curriculum. Since then I have won championships in six different rifle categories in the Yukon and five provinces plus being awarded the “Queen’s 100 Badge” as one of the top 100 TR competitors in the British Commonwealth.


As a coach – Our daughter Cathy also won a Queen’s 100 Badge! First team championship was the Canadian Rangers, setting records in ’51 and ’52 for the NWHS Army trophy. Won Provincial and Canadian smallbore team championships plus setting a record for the Canadian International Dewar team. Ran performance tests on teams in winning Provincial Junior Championships. Palma Team coach Camp Perry. Engineered record setting wins at Bisley for the Canadian TR team plus Canadian Armed Forces team. Initiated the graphic plotting system, since copied worldwide. Influenced changes in the CAF School of Infantry rifle program to minimize training me in marksmanship skills.

As an administrator – Director of Statistics Montreal ’76 Olympics, Adjutant and Commandant Canadian teams to Bisley plus Shooting Chair for two consecutive years, Adjutant / Coach / Competitor Canadian Palma team at Camp Perry, Chief Range officer DCRA ’77 National matches, Provincial Advisor B. C. Summer games, President NDHQ RA Ottawa, first Comptroller DCRA. Was involved in the formation of the first Canadian Hunter Safety programs. As a mentor and Treasurer for the Mission R&G Club in B. C. promoted membership growth, Club grew from 117 members to over 3500 including more than 500 juniors.

Kevin Chou

Line Coach (FTR)

Kevin started shooting in 2008 and has never looked back. He loves shooting long range and cherishes every opportunity at learning the wind. Kevin enjoys shooting in various disciplines such as Precision rifle, PRS, Target rifle, Service rifle and F-Class. He is extremely happy to be shooting alongside his friends (teammates) as a member of the Canadian F-Class Team. When Kevin is not busy shooting, he enjoys building championship-winning rifles with his brother Will. Together they have built rifles that have captured numerous titles including the Canadian F-Class national championships and the Canadian national service conditions precision rifle championships. Kevin is a returning member from the Canadian F-Class FTR Team that won Silver at the 2013 F-Class World Championships.

Will Chou

Line Coach (FTR)

Growing up, Jonathan was involved in all sports like, hockey, football, golf, tennis, all at a competitive level. Then in 2009, he discovered F-Class shoo ng, a passion was born right away as he fell in love with his 308win cartridge and the challenge to make it shoot 900m.

The first year as a shooter was one of education. Learning how to reload and develop the full potential of the cartridge was definitely his main interest. This industrial pipe designer is always looking for a challenge and will for sure find one in Ottawa!