Eric Bisson


Eric lives on an acreage in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta, with his wife Heather, and children; Dylan, Julia, and Kirsten. Growing up in the heart of Alberta’s ranch country Eric, had many opportunities to hunt and shoot. Eric started Competitive shoo ng at the age of 15, and has earned spots on the Canadian Junior and Senior National teams and a spot on the Olympic training team in his youth.

After taking a break to build a career and start a family Eric returned to long range shooting in 2008. Eric has had many successes since coming back to shooting sports. The highest privilege was to be appointed the 2017 Canadian F-Class Team Captain to represent Canada in the Worlds. Eric has worked

Tirelessly with his Team Canada Coaches and team member to put together a true championship team. As we finish the final preparation for the 2017 Worlds, we look back on 4 years of intense preparation and training. Each Team member brings with them something special, something that is distinctly Canadian, and worthy of a Canadian Championship team.


Armen Papazyan


Armen was born in Sochi, Russia. He moved to Canada in 1995 to attend University in Halifax NS to pursue an engineering degree. He has been working in the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 15 years. Armen resides with his wife and two children in Calgary, Alberta. He has been shooting competitively since 2009 and truly enjoys competitive shooting and the friendships that he has developed through this sport.

Todd Sumner


Todd has been a resident of Windsor, Ontario his entire life. He has been married to his wife, Denise for 30 years and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

In 2013, he saw an F-Class video on youtube and thought he would like to give it a try. Shortly after he entered his first match, The Eastern Regional Championships, and was instantly hooked into the sport. Todd truly enjoys F- Class competition and the wonderful people that are associated with this sport. It goes without saying that he is thrilled to be a member of the Canadian F- Class Rifle Team.

Marcel J. Timmons


Marcel Grew up in Inverness on the shores of Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia where he spent much of his time fishing, hunting and shooting. After graduating from University College of Cape Breton, he moved to Ontario to work and finish his Industrial Mechanic apprenticeship. He is currently working for Bruce Power on Lake Huron and lives in Hanover, Ontario with his wife Christina and 2 children Liam and Avery.

Marcel is a graduate of Bob Raymond’s winter course and saw long range as a great challenge. He began competing in F Class in 2012, after winning several short range matches. He is a member of the Walkerton gun club, the Ontario Rifle Association and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. He rose quickly to qualify for Canada’s National F Class team in 2015.

Gerry Wiens


Gerry grew up on grain and dairy farm south of Winnipeg where there was always plenty of work to be done but also me for water skiing snowmobiling and hockey. He now lives with his wife Sandy, near the farm which he owns with his two brothers. Gerry started shooting competitively with handguns in the late 1980’s and then progressed to long range rifle shooting. Gerry has competed across Canada, the US and England, and considers the opportunity to represent Canada to be a real privilege. Gerry is a returning member from the Canadian F-Class FTR Team that won Silver at the 2013 F-Class World Championships.

William (Bill) Wa s, P.Eng.


Bill is a practicing professional engineer in the oil, gas and energy sector, located in the western Canadian city of Calgary. Growing up in a small prairie town provided many opportunities to hunt and shoot, while roaming around the local badlands and farmlands. Upon graduating from the University of Calgary with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bill was able to resume his interest in shooting, with some absences along the way due to project work in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

Competitive shooting sports have been an active interest of Bill’s for over 25 years, first in pistols and then into rifles. For the last 10 years, F-Class has been his primary focus, which has taken Bill across Canada, into the USA and over to England for competitions. He was a member of the Canadian F-Class World Championship F-TR Team in 2009 and is a returning member from the
Canadian F-Class FTR Team that won Silver at the 2013 F-Class World Championships.

In additional to shooting, Bill enjoys international travel and river cruising with his wife Marlene, and reading; R.A. Heinlein, R. Davis and J.D. MacDonald are his favorite authors.

Matt Wolf


Matt lives in St. George, New Brunswick, with his very supportive family, where he manages a salmon smoking business. He was introduced to competition shooting while part of the smallbore team at the Loomis Chaffee School. After graduation, Matt was introduced to the very beginnings of F Class shooting. Beginning in 2008, Matt began competing outside of New Brunswick, and was part of the Canadian F-Class Team that competed at the 2009 F-Class World Championships at Bisley, England. Since then, Matt has been a member of several America Match and International Match teams, both with Team Canada, as well as with Team Starshooter.

Mark Iwanochko


Mark grew up in a suburb of Toronto. He spent most of his weekends and vacations on family farms near Simcoe in Norfolk County Ontario, as well as Lisle Ontario and Grassy Butte North Dakota. On these farms, he came to love shooting and spent as much time as possible shooting an old .22 rimfire rifle. Once at University, there was little time to spend on the farm, and shooting eventually became a distant memory. In 1998 at the urging of a close friend he joined a local indoor range and started shooting IPSC, at that time it was pistol only. In the year 2000, Mark purchased a 0.308 Win rifle, and started shooting at Twin Cities Rifle Club, near Kitchener Ontario. Before long shooting at 300 yards was not enough and he found his way to the Ontario Rifle Association. Starting in F-Open, he competed in this class for 8 years. During his years shooting F-Open, he was a member of the Canadian F-Class Rifle Team and competed at the 2013 F-Class World Championships in Raton NM. For the past 3 years he has been competing in FTR.

Dave Harry


Dave lives just outside of Edmonton, Alberta on a farm near where he was raised. While growing up he enjoyed spending me outdoors fishing, hunting and shooting with his family. He now continues to enjoy the same activities with his wife, daughter and two sons. Dave started long range shooting after learning from his father how to chamber his first custom rifle and being impressed with how accurate it was. From there his interest in gunsmithing and long range shooting grew which eventually led him to F-class.

Dave started shooting F-Class in 2012, competing in several local matches before jumping right in and shooting both the Canadian and U.S. National Championships the same year. Accomplishments over the last 5 years include wining 2 Western Canadian Championships, the Bisley Trophy at the Canadian F-Class National Championships in 2015 and back to back Saskatchewan Provincial Championships in 2015 and 2016. Dave is a returning member from
the Canadian F-Class FTR Team that won Silver at the 2013 F-Class World Championships.

Bob Galloway


Bob is a full-time gunsmith, owner/operator of Custom Gunworx located in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. He attended college in Glendive, Montana on a Rodeo Scholarship. Bob has been shooting competitively for some 35 years, starting with local turkey shoots at a young age. He later moved onto Rifle Rodeos, PRS Matches, 1,000 yard Benchrest and now onto his personal favorite, F-Class. In addition to shooting, Bob enjoys jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling, fishing, hunting and spending time with his family.

Paul Kahnert


Paul grew up in Toronto and Aurora, Ontario. He worked at Toronto Hydro for 33 years as an Overhead Lineman. All through his life he was very active in competitive sports competing successfully in Track and Field, Olympic Style Weightlifting, Canada’s Bobsled team and Kendo (Japanese Swordsmanship). After he retired, he was missing competition and a friend got him interested in shooting. He took Bob Raymond’s Winter Course in 2013 and became an immediate addict of the sport. Bob introduced Paul to Kevin and William Chou and they continued his apprenticeship. He found that some of the skills he had learned from other sports were directly transferable to marksmanship. Paul followed the pathway Bob and the Chou brothers set out for him to rise very quickly through the ranks to qualify for Canada’s National FTR team.